Starbucks Success in Social Media Marketing

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Why is Starbucks social media marketing a success?

We are all familiar with Starbucks and what the brand represents. But how on earth can we all have so much knowledge about Starbucks, even though we might not be their regulars or most loyal customers. -Social media marketing, I say it again, Social media marketing and a smart, well thought through strategic online marketing plan is the answer.

Starbucks know how to promote themselves; the brand awareness and image of a company are vital to its success. If your company aren’t presence on social media platforms, you are basically no one. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are some of the most valuable social media platforms for a company when handling their online marketing through social media. Not only do Starbucks have a great online presence, they know how to deliver and tell people about the “Starbucks experience” which is what makes Starbucks as a brand so eligible.

A company’s mission statement should answer three simple questions, and these are also great when considering the marketing plan. These three questions include; “What does this firm offer to its customers ?”, “How is the physical product or service brought or delivered to its customers ?”, and who is the customer ? , -“Define the target market.” Starbucks mission statement, which is; “To inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person, one cup and one neighborhood at time”, are explained in all their marketing activities.

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Having online presence on several social media platforms

Being presence on several social media platforms is useful, not only to reach all segments, but to show diversity, innovation and creativity. Starbucks has accounts at, to mention a few; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and at their own network “My Starbucks Idea”.

Each platform has to be individually optimized for best result in online marketing and value. For example; Instagram is more focused on inspiration, the visual part, beautiful pictures of coffee, and showing the coffee drinking culture and community.

Pinterest is similar to Instagram, but with more focus on engagement, since they have Pinboards, Pinterest competitions, and allows more creativity for their customers.

Twitter is great for fast updates, new content and following and adapting to the latest trends on and outside twitter. Twitter is useful for communication with customers; answering questions, responses to “@mensions”, retweets, feedback and opinions, and call to actions.


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Facebook is of course a platform people expect your company should be presence on; Starbucks does not post as often here as on the other platforms though. The content here is broad, for example; videos, blog posts and photos. Customers can comment, like and discuss here, which makes Facebook the best platform for discussion.

Starbucks YouTube channel has surprisingly many subscribers, almost 92,000 people. They don´t only post their commercial and campaigns, one great thing with their videos are the educational and informational part. Baristas are showing how to make special drinks at home with their products, charity work projects are documented , Starbucks talk about different coffee blends and beans and more.

“My Starbucks Idea” is Starbucks own social media network, where their customers are able to share their own ideas, opinions and thoughts on Starbucks. The customers who are engaged and use this site feel that they are a part of the company and the community since they can affect and make their voice heard. The information this network deliver is a great value for Starbucks!



How should a company use their social media marketing?

Social media marketing is, as you can see now, not simply about marketing the company, its products and brand. It is about engaging, communicate with the customers, and to show and tell a story;  “This is who we are! “. “We are the best on the market, be a part of our company!”. The quality of the content is crucial, it has to be sharable, new, interesting, chocking, unexpected or bring great value for the customers

Behind this success are hours of marketing research. The marketers need to know, how to reach each segment in the target groups, what people like about their brand, what offers they tend to follow, the latest trends in, for example, health, nutrition, media, pop culture and more,  and their customers behaviour on social media. A “Prizm” or “Vals” research could be valuable here to get the fully information about the customers.

Starbucks and their great advantage

Starbucks has the advantage of having a product many people like and tend to be engaged about. I mean, some companies, even though how great they are, isn’t interesting to follow at all. Many people love coffee, the “Starbucks experience”, and simply drink coffee. Starbucks want people to have their coffee as their every day luxury treat, which they succeed with because of their smart marketing plan and mission statement. People behave different on social media, and some are extra aware and careful of what they are sharing, following, commenting and liking. The topic coffee suits many people, which makes it an advantage for the customers too and not only for the company itself.


Do you own or work for a company who are struggling with online marketing, or just need some improvement? Consider social media marketing and use these useful tips, learn from the best, Starbucks knows their marketing! 

Please share this blogpost to your colleagues, employers and friends to create awesome marketing on social media!

Good Luck!


/ Hanna Wannerstroem


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