Social Media Monitoring-the Social Listening

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Social media monitoring-Are you aware of what you post? 

A selfie with a drink in your hand, a picture of your hangover food at In-N-Out Burger, your latest party look and a picture of you and your friends in the Uber on your way to the party. These pictures might seem alright to post since those are the kind of pictures we post an regular basis. But in the long run, what do these pictures really say about us?

At first sight, people would associate you with nothing else than party, drinking and irresponsibility. They don’t know at all if you,for example; actually is a hard worker, likes to work out, paint, go hiking with your dog, doing charity projects or hang out with your friends and family. What we post on social media affects how people look at us, and it can often be judgemental at first sight.

I think we all could use some consideration before we post on social media. We shouldn’t overthink and hesitate before every post, but having this in mind is a useful knowledge. Are we showing our self-real or self-ideal? How are we promoting ourselves?

Even though we are aware of the research and monitoring , I don’t think we realise that literally everything we do online can be tracked down. We leave tiny cookie crumbs everywhere we go online, which make employers able to track down every single piece of our online presence.

This does not only apply on our posts, but also on; our likes,the pages we follow, our comments, who we are friends with, our check-ins, things we share and more.

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Social media monitoring-a social listening

An article from Career building reports about the continuing rise of employees that are passing on applicants due to social media.

The technology, social media and specific tools makes it possible today for employers to go into social networking sites and find information on potential candidates. This is when we have to act, and take advantage of the things we post to impress instead of upset our future employers.

The survey shows that over 51% of employers who did research on job candidates on social media found content that made them not to hire the candidate. 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, additional 12% are not using this tool but are planning on to start doing it. All employers aren’t using just social media networking sites, there is around 45% of employers who use search engines such as Google to research potential job candidates, with 20% claiming they are doing it frequently or always.

These numbers on social media monitoring are increasing day by day so let´s keep this in mind and look over our social networking accounts.


Should companies monitor their employee´s social media? 

The Wall Street Journal discuss if companies should monitor their employee´s social  media presence. The article include opinions from both sides, advocates who claims that employers have the right to monitor their employee´s online presence while privacy proponents and worker advocates say it´s unnecessary.

Take a look at these employee monitoring tools -these allows managers to monitor workplace activity for their current employees!

  • Time tracking applications: Logs timesheet and uploads screen shots of the workers computers every five minutes to a central server.
  • Mobile/smartphone employee monitoring tools: Overt methods include tracking workers location, and covert methods includes mobile spyware that logs phone calls and messages, but also GPS tracking.
  • Intelligence software: Monitor workers behaviour looking for patterns of productivity , inefficiencies and theft.




SM secutriySo when considering your posts on social media; listen to the expert´s do´s and don’t´s!

The most common reasons to pass a candidate is: 

  • Provocative or inappropriate pictures or information .
  • Information about candidates drinking or using drugs.
  • If the job candidate bad-mouthed their previous company or employee.

But hey, there are also some great advantages with social media; here are three reasons that made an employer hire a candidate because of their social networking presence:

  • The employer got a good feeling for the candidates personality and thought the candidate  would be a great fit in the company culture.
  • The job background were to advantage to the job.
  • The candidates site or profile had a professional image.



Share this blogpost with your friends and family and teach them about social media monitoring-as you now understand is this knowledge in social listening useful!

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Good luck!

/ Hanna Wannerstroem


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