The Fake World of Instagram- the Truth


This fake life has to stop!

Never before have the human species been more ego and in love with ourselves as we are today.  I bet no one want to admit it, but the kick we get after posting a picture at Instagram and the likes that starts to show up, one by one, or when some of our followers are posting comments on how good we look, when we notice that people want to follow us and then we think for ourselves; “..seems like I´m a pretty cool guy”.

Nothing taste as good as success, popularity and fame. Or does it?

In a world where the pressure already is high on young people, why are we all contributing  to make it even worse? Today´s kids and teens talk about likes, hashtags ,followersselfie-instagram-accounts-fake-ego-pressure, filters and selfies like it is their everyday slang.


(Kim Kardashian released her book “Selfish” in 2015, a 352-page book which contained selfies of herself) 





Instagram by the facts and numbers

 Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users and more than 75 million daily active users!  The app is considered the most important social network by more American teens, at 32 percent than any other network! The average engagement per Instagram post has grown by 416 percent over the past two years!

For you who are a bit confused on what Instagram really is; here is a brief introduction! Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from smartphones. Everyone has their own account and profile to post content and can follow, like and comment other peoples Instagram pictures and videos.

You could choose to either have a private account where you have to accept the people who wants to follow you, or have an open account where your content is available for everyone on Instagram. Instagram´s app has several filters and tools for your pictures, so the app might as well work as a place to fix your pictures.

Today´s environment on Instagram

There is an ongoing discussion about why people actually have an account on Instagram. It all started as a platform to share photos and play with filters so everyone´s photos could look like professional photos. The years went by, people started to post more frequently, following more people, celebrities opened up their accounts, big companies and brands came to Instagram and it became an important platform for social life as well as marketing and business.



Today is the atmosphere and environment on Instagram different. The most important reason many of the users still are online are for publicity, fame and success. Anyone with an eye for pictures, the right feed or creativity could  become an” Instagram celebrity”.

I went to Google and searched for ” Instagram fame” , “Instagram likes” and “Instagram followers”, and the amount of tips and tricks to buy fake likes and followers, or how to become famous on Instagram were chocking! It seems like people are desperate on having the perfect appearance on social media, and especially on Facebook and Instagram where the pictures are from big events, showing happy people, with the nicest filters and the catchiest quotes.

 Real life stories about the fake life we live on Instagram

There are several studies and articles today on how Instagram contributes to a huge pressure on teenagers. Stress, anxiety and depression are some the outcomes from being on Instagram in today´s society.

“One fake Instagram, a change to be real”, an article from New York Times reports about the  ongoing trend in which teenagers on Instagram creates a so called “Finstagram” that represents the true version of them compared to their main profiles. The things we want to show for the public verses our small group of friends differs significantly, like day and night. The “Finstagrams” allows space for ugly selfies, inside jokes and our real personalities.

The girl in the white dress below is Essena O´Neill, an “Instagram celebrity and model” who seemed to have it all, until she one day came forward and told her story and relieved her real life. She said that “Social media is not real life” and quitted all her social media accounts and started the campaign #Lets be game changers. She told how fake her life was and that she lived for the perfect appearance on social media, it couldn’t be better explained than her quote on the picture below;


real life-fake-life-pressure-shade-profile-





  American college students are also feeling the pressure to seem happy on Instagram. It is the result of the pressure of being successful in college, show their perfect picture for friends and family, but also showing their college experience which is supposed to be the “Best four years of your life.” The journalists asked seven girls to use their own examples of a picture on Instagram where it looked like they were truly happy, when it in fact they were feeling depressed, sad or miserable. The results were “naked” and revealing, check the article for the stories.

Did you know about these fake features on Instagram..?


  • Some of the biggest Instagrammers has certain times of the day they post specific pictures. For example; A motivational quote works perfectly on a Monday morning, a picture from a beach or a tropical place works on a Wednesday afternoon when people are at work and daydreaming about vacation, a post of a cupcake or something sweet is great before lunch since people tend to have a sweet tooth during that time.
  • How the feed on your Instagram look is most important. As long as your feed´s pictures matches in colours, theme and filters is the actual picture not as important as the feed.
  • Your feed and the first nine pictures should represent you and, if you have, your business or brand. The second picture in this blogpost is from Ida Warg´ s Instagram, which is an influencer in health and workout, she said once that she always has a thought when and how she post her pictures. For example; one selfie to be personal, one yoga picture to show that she is into spiritual workouts, one on her food to show that she is a vegan, one fashion inspired , and more.
  • There are several retouch apps our there with crazy filters, there are apps where you could become more tanned, get wither teeth, smoother skin or change your hair colour.
  • People actually buy likes and followers, which became a thing when Instagram cleaned their app and some celebrities and big accounts suddenly lost a third of their followers and likes… awkward!
  • Many big Instagrammers can post pictures from a vacation or an event that actually are days or weeks old just because it fits into their feed of that certain moment.


What do you guys think? At the end of the day, is it worth it? To put hours of work to get the perfect Instagram, instead of doing something else with all that time?

Let´s start with a small step!

Log into your Instagram and unfollow all fake-accounts, I think you know who these are buy now, and start to embrace your real life!

If you have one, open up your “Finstagram” and start to follow accounts that makes you happy! Won´t you rather look at funny cat-pictures instead of models at some tropical island?

If you open up your “Finstagram” please hashtag #IamMe to spread the word!


/ Hanna Wannerstroem




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