Tips and Tricks for Your Snapchatting!



Keeping in touch with friends and family

Keeping in touch with friends and family is probably one of things we really prioritise when its comes to social media. Back in the days, being updated in each others lives wasn’t as far as easy as it is today, the range of social media tools,its quality,tips and tricks  and new features are increasing day by day!

According to my research, people today choose social media tools when it comes to communication since it is easy, fast and entertaining. People today do not have the time for long texts, calling each other ,or going online on Skype. There are several apps out there, but only a few that has the features for being the ultimate tool for keeping in touch with our beloved ones. Keep reading and I will explain why I think Snapchat is the best app for keeping in touch with friends and family, and I will also give you awesome tips and tricks to make you a better snap-chatter!



Let me tell your about Snapchat and why I believe this app is on top of the throne!

In the current situation, there is over a 100 million active Snapchatters out there! More than  60% of US 13-34 year-old smartphone users  are Snapchatters!  Due to Snapchat, these are the top reasons why people use Snapchat: To get perspective, be here and now and to express themselves.


  • keep in touch-app-social media-snapchatSo now you might wonder why Snapchat is such a popular app and the numbers of Snapchatters continuously are increasing each day?

Snapchat and its features makes your communication on social media almost to good to be true. You are probably familiar with how the app works, if not, these are the basic features of the app.

Tips and tricks for your snapchatting

With Snapchat,  you are able to send a text, picture or video in just a few seconds, which only is available for that moment before it disappears forever . You could also put your content on “My story” where your pictures or videos are available for all your friends (or everyone if you have an open Snapchat), and expires after 24 hours. And one thing, feel free to send “un filtered” pictures and videos, since your friends aren’t able to save anything you send ( unless they take a screen-shot) .

So if we are comparing Snapchat with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, what is the big difference?

Our posts on Facebook and Instagram are often  pictures from big events, staged, with filters on, showing our best side and greatest moments, and it doesn’t has to be in present time. We are more “naked” on Snapchat, where the content is real, right now and more casual.

Snapchat-communication-social media-app-technology

Filters, features, themes, emojis and more!

So to all you Snapchatters out here; here are some awesome tips and tricks to make you the king of Snapchat but at the same time, explore new ways to keep in touch with your friends and family!

One great feature with Snapchat is their innovate filters, lenses, local stories and themes, which are temporary and new during holidays, in various cities and special occasions. Take advantage of these! Use the “pen” on snapchat and make awesome drawings on your pictures or videos! Why not a cool outfit on your cat or glasses on your baby?


  • The function where you can Slo-mo, rewind and speed up are hilarious, try to jump into a pool, do a “magic trick”  and play with these ones! A future classic!
  • Instead of just writing on your picture in the character-space, insert an emoji, make it bigger by touching the T-button , and you get an enormous emoji on your picture. My favourite is the king-crown or the drink which can look so real on you! This also works for text!
  •  If you want to make the character limit bigger, use the notes app on your iPhone.  It is just to choose a range of blank text and copy it to your clipboard. Open Snapchat and paste it into the text field in your snap and you can have enough space for a love letter!
  • By the way, did you know that your Snapchat-ghost on your profile works as an QR-code? Just scan it and add friends!
  • By pointing at your trophy  icon on your profile, above the ghost, you are able to see your accomplishments! For example; “snap chatting in over 100 degrees”, “a my story longer than 200 seconds”, “A hundred selfies” and more.
  • Save data by putting on “Travel mode”. Really useful!
  • In the “My story” section are you able to see how many people and which ones, that have been looking at your story the last 24 hours, and also if someone took a screenshot!
  • The most popular feature the past year has to bee all weird and funny lenses that you can use! You can become everything from a dog, an angel, a grandpa, an alien, Santa, a pirate and more!   Just turn on the selfie-screen, tap and hold where your face is, and then start swiping to the right to choose between the lenses that are available!


So now when you have these awesome skills, lets start creating!

Snapchat: Make your snapchat open and post what you learned on My story or send to the Snapchat team to have the chance to win a visit to the Snapchat headquarters!

Instagram: Post a screenshot of one of your new pictures or post a video with the hashtag #Snapchatskillz to have the chance to takeover Snapchat´s Instagram account for one day!

Facebook: Like Snapchat´s Facebook page, to get updates on how you are doing in our campaign #Snapchatskillz ! The page has great tips for our competition and campaign #Snapchatskillz.


/ Hanna Wannerstroem







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